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We are at the end of a long era. It’s official. Just ask that UN. Human behaviour is poisoning the planet.

2012 apocalypse

There’s no bigger call to action. We all need a five year plan. Welcome to the 2012 Manifesto.

Climate change is here. So is peak oil. No matter what, we will be facing big change and we all are participants in creating whatever comes next. But how are we going to do that? What is each of us planning to do? What should we do? What can we do? What actually works? What doesn’t?

There are a lot of questions and a lot of answers. The over-haul we need to initiate is immense. It’s personal and political, social, cultural. It is body, mind, psychology and spirit. It’s about our relationship with industry, capital, employment and consumption. And about nature which is mysterious, overwhelming, inspiring and creative. And that doesn’t begin to describe it.

The 2012 Manifesto Community is a space for people to share their ideas and plans, dilemmas and experiences as we make our way, as best we can, toward whatever future we co-create.

The earth is calling. We each need to figure out our own manifesto — the vision, guidelines, plans and commitments that will guide us; the contribution, preparation, work and play that we each uniquely bring to this incredible challenge. But we also need to share and learn from each other. Plus we need to challenge, debate, support and connect with each other.

This community uses the timeframe of 2012 as a deadline to focus on. Change doesn’t happen overnight but we don’t have time to spare. 2012 is just a few short years away. It is the Kyoto deadline and widely acknowledged as the likely tipping point of peak oil and escalating climate catastrophe.

But it is also a great metaphor for our times left to us on the temple walls of the Classic Mayans over a thousand years ago. Presciently, given the planetary emergency we face, December 21, 2012 is the end-date of a 5200 year cycle documented by the incredibly complex Mayan Calendar. The Classic Mayans were incredible scientists and NASA recognizes their calendar as more precise than ours. Some see 2012 in apocalyptic terms — the end of the world. But the beginning of a new world is a more plausible interpretation of the Classic Mayan view..

The Mayans at that time spent years building huge pyramids so they could celebrate important cyclical events with great care. They did it because they considered the way we humans — all of us — conduct ourselves during these earth moments like the one coming in December of 2012 to be laying the foundation for the quality of the whole next cycle of life. If they are right, 2012 is more than a great deadline. It’s an opportunity to participate in renewing the human experiment.

Join us. We need to hear and talk about your 2012 Manifesto!